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The state capitol of Virginia, Richmond is a city boasting a long and proud history dating all the way back to the 1700's. From its bluecollar roots to the city's welcoming combination of cultural heritage and big city excitement, Richmond is one municipality well worth exploring and Richmond apartments make the perfect place to call home..

What is the history of Richmond?

"Situated near the striking James River, Richmond was named after a UK township near London that featured a similar waterway. The site of Patrick Henry's famous ""Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' speech, Richmond also acted as a munitions and ironworks hub during the course of the American Civil War. From the 1920's through the 1960's the city experienced a long stretch of cultural and economic expansion. Close to 700 buildings were constructed over the period, including the now-legendary Byrd Theatre as well as the Virginia Commonwealth University. A large-scale flood wall was completed in the mid-1990s as well, protecting the low-lying River District from the oft-rising waters of the James River, since, the riverfront has flourished as a mecca for Richmond nightlife and live music. "

How is the weather in Richmond?

While the James has been known to swell during the rainy seasons of spring and summer, fortunately Richmond enjoys a fairly streamlined climate for the most part. Warm and humid summers are tempered by chilly winters that are highlighted by marginal snowfall, although an occasional larger winter storm is not unheard of. Autumn tends to be the most pleasant of the seasons, offering crisp and brisk 'jacket weather' accompanied by spectacular leaf colors and typically dry afternoons.

How do I get around town?

Richmond is a major hub for Greyhound Buses, offering ease of access to such east coast cities as New York and Washington, DC. Amtrak railroads are also an option, with regional bus lines and a variety of taxis catering to local residents. The university district is largely a 'by foot' area, with bicyles also popular among the student body.

What is the Richmond commute like?

A large number of highways intersect in and around the Richmond area, from high-use roads such as I-64 and I-95 to lesser used but nonetheless important options such as US-1. Commuter traffic can be somewhat heavy during peak travel times, but by and large Richmond is a city that boasts an ease of transportation.

What are the local media outlets?

Style Weekly' is a long-running alternative weekly paper, known for highlighting the regional art and entertainment scenes, while the 'Richmond-Times Dispatch' is a daily that claims a readership of over 120,000. A variety of radio stations dot the airwaves, focusing upon an eclectic mix of music, talk radio and sports coverage. Regional televison is also fairly widespread, with local stations WRIC and WTVR both long-serving outlets. Numerous Hollywood films and television programs have been shot in the Richmond area as well, including 'The Jackal' and 'Hannibal'.

Why live in Richmond, VA?

With a keen sense of history and the local landmarks to back it up, Richmond is a fine place to call home for many reasons. The universities are highly lauded, the economy is showing steady local growth in both the housing market as well as the local industry, and the stately, architectural beauty is an even match for the area's natural splendor.

What Richmond landmarks should I see?

Richmond is flush in notable destinations and a history buff's dream. From the stone-laden Barret House to the beyond-impressive Jefferson Hotel, from the hallowed halls of Stonewall Jackson School to the ringing bells of the St. Paul's Church, Richmond is alive and well when it comes to structures capturing a moment in time. The Virginia State Capital Building was designed by Thomas Jefferson himself, while the visually compelling Egyptian Building on the VCU campus dates back to the 1800s. Ironworks are omnipresent in Richmond, with the city trailing only New orleans in regards to the use of iron as an accent flourish on a large number of gates, decks and homes.

What is there to do around Richmond?

It's tough to be bored in Richmond. Live performance has always been a staple of the city, from the cherished Alteria Theatre Opera House to the National Theater, home to some of the nation's most popular touring bands and able to easily accommodate over 1,000 fans. A number of amphitheaters line the area parks, including the Dogwood Dell in Byrd Park, many hosting summer plays and live music events. The Visual Arts Center is a must-see for Richmond painting fans, while a number of art-deco movie houses cater to the cinephile crowd by showing classic films and underground favorites. The Old Dominion Railway Museum is just one of a number of historic centers of learning.

Any annual festivals or Richmond events to know?

Richmond's most infamous yearly festival is far and away the Gwar-B-Q, headlined and curated by a wild rock group known for outrageous live stage shows featuring costumes, monsters and spraying 'blood'. While not everyone's cup of tea, the event has helped establish Richmond as a hard rock mecca, currently home to a number of bands including Lamb of God and Municipal Waste. The UCI Road World Championships were recently held in Richmond as well, hosting competitive cyclists from the world-over. The Richmond Jazz Festival similarly always draws a large crowd of music fans from the surrounding Virginia areas, while the French Film Festival caters to a specific but ravenous fan base of le bon films.

Where are the nearby vacation spots?

Richmond offers a large array of easily-driveable vacation options for residents looking for fun outside of their apartments in Richmond. Spend a weekend bird-watching in the mountainous beauty of Shenandoah Park, or get your fill of seafood cuisine on the boardwalk at Virginia Beach. Williamsburgh offers a slice of colonial history mixed with theme park roller coasters and larger-than-life beer steins, while Norfolk serves up waterside views and enough jazz-filled nightlife and shrimp-inspired meals to delight anyone!

Where is the best place to move in Richmond?

For college students, the education district is largely assimilated in one section of the city, making it an ideal 'walking distance' section to call home. Richmond itself boasts a large infrastructure of city businesses, but for those commuting outside the city limits there are a number of districts close to the on and off ramps of I-95. The Fan District of the city will likely be the most desirable for those loving the great outdoors, offering easy access to a number of public parks and natural running trails. The aptly-titled Monument Avenue and Hermitage Road both offer a large array of historic houses for sale or rent, making it a popular among retirees. Where ever you find yourself settling, one thing is for certain - there's truly no other life like living among the many options in Richmond apartments.

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How much are Studio apartments in Richmond?

The pricing for 84 Studio Apartments in Richmond currently ranges from $650 to $3,967 with an average price of $1,341.

What is the current price range for One Bedroom Richmond Apartments for rent?

Today's rental pricing for One Bedroom Apartments in Richmond ranges from $525 to $5,001 with an average monthly rent of $1,505.

What does renting a Two Bedroom Apartment in Richmond cost?

The monthly rent prices of Two Bedroom Apartments currently available in Richmond range from $510 to $7,663. Today's average rental price for Two Bedrooms here is $1,803.

How expensive are Richmond Three Bedroom Apartments?

There are currently 246 Three Bedroom Apartments listings available in Richmond on The pricing ranges from $714 to $8,393 - averaging $2,116 for the location.