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Chicago is one of the largest and liveliest cities in the United States with a thriving economy, an active nightlife and some of the world's most historic buildings and landmarks making it a very popular place to call home. The school system and metropolitan offerings make Chicago one of the best places to live in the Midwest in addition to being a premiere tourist destination. The options for apartments in Chicago make it a renters dream come true.

What is the history of Chicago?

The city of Chicago was founded in the 1780s and officially incorporated as a city in 1837. The area was originally settled by the Potawatomi Native Americans before French and American explorer Jean Baptiste Point du Sable came to the area. He is known as the one who founded Chicago, first as a township and then as a city. The city name comes from the indigenous word shikaakwa, which translates roughly to wild garlic.

How is the weather in Chicago?

Chicago has earned its nickname as “the windy city.” The summers in Chicago are often hot and humid, often exceeding 90 degrees. Winter is cold and windy with a significant amount of snow. Fortunately, the fall and spring seasons are more mild, offering balmy temperatures and nice, cool breezes.

How do I get around town?

Many Chicago residents take the L and use the metro station in favor of having their own vehicles as parking on the street can be difficult in some of the city's busier districts. Chicago is home to the O'Hare International Airport, the second busiest airport in the world. Amtrak, freight rail and numerous Greyhound bus lines running through the city make it easy for residents to get around affordably.

What is the Chicago commute like?

There are seven main expressways and four auxillary interstate highways that run through the city. Chicago interstates are frequently known by their names rather than numbers, such as the Kennedy Expressway, which runs from O'Hare International Airport to the downtown area and travels into the Tri-State Tollway. The Jane Addams Memorial Tollway runs from the Kennedy Expressway through the city's northwest suburbs. The Dan Ryan Expressway interchanges with Interstate 57 and features many local express lanes to facilitate the heavy traffic Chicago is known for.

What are the local media outlets?

Chicago's most popular television broadcasting stations are WBBM, WMAQ and WFLD, each of which is operated by one of the major national networks, such as CBS, Fox and NBC. “The Chicago Tribune” and the “Chicago Sun-Times” are the largest print publications, featuring world-class news and updates on the city and the world in general. WBBM and WSCR radio are two of the most popular radio broadcast stations, featuring a variety of music and talk show content.

Why live in Chicago, IL?

With its numerous shops and local cuisine, a bustling nightlife, a strong economy and an efficient if busy transportation system, Chicago is truly the gem of the Midwest. While school districts vary from one area to the next, Chicago is a hub for some of the world's best schools, universities and hospitals, making it an ideal place to settle down. As home to some of the leading universities in the world, Chicago offers plenty of opportunities for its residents to grow up, get an education and find work in its diverse and thriving economy.

What Chicago landmarks should I see?

Chicago is home to multiple skyscrapers, including the Home Insurance Building, the Trump International Hotel and Tower, and the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. The University of Chicago has received respect and awards from around the world, and the replica of Daniel Chester French's “Statue of the Republic” draws many tourists.

What is there to do around Chicago?

Tourists come from around the world to witness the natural beauty of the Chicago River as it intersects with Lake Michigan. Take a ferry or boat ride on the river for a splendid view of the city's skyline. The Magnificent Mile is home to a variety of upscale stores and serves as Chicago's own Rodeo Drive. The Chicago Opera Theater offers a variety of live performances to enjoy all year long. Many tourists simply enjoy wandering around Chicago's livelier neighborhoods, such as Lincoln Park and South Loop. With a view of Lake Michigan, a busy business district and cultural offerings such as Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium and the Field Museum, it's no wonder that South Loop has become a major tourist destination in the area.

Any annual festivals or Chicago events to know?

The Grant Park Music Festival series draws thousands of classical music lovers from around the world. The annual Taste of Chicago Festival is held in Grant Park, featuring a vast offering of food from around the world. The festival is the world's largest food festival and it takes place over five days, giving guests plenty of time to sample from the various vendors.

Where are the nearby vacation spots?

There are a variety of vacation opportunities both within Chicago and within a short drive. Many vacationers choose the Millennium Park in downtown Chicago for its unique overhead architecture and the many convenient hotels and restaurants located nearby. The city of Geneva, located just an hour away from Chicago, is a go-to vacation spot with the natural beauty of Island Park and old-time paddle boating. Grand Beach, Michigan offers a great vacation destination for Illinois residents looking to enjoy the beauty of the shore.

Where is the best place to move in Chicago?

Chicago is full of great neighborhoods, ranging from the unique and contemporary to the historical. Bucktown is one of the most modern and vibrant neighborhoods in Chicago and in the United States in general. A hub of immigration, Bucktown is home to a diverse culture and unique architecture. Bucktown also features some of the most convenient transportation in the city and a diverse economy. Hyde park is a world-famous neighborhood, known as the home of United States President Barack Obama. Hyde Park is also home to the University of Chicago and has produced two 2013 Nobel Prize award winners. Lincoln Park is another famous area, known for its fashionable residents and upscale stores. Lincoln Park has the intimate feel of a college town with a variety of nightclubs and restaurants to choose from. This is the ideal neighborhood for anyone who doesn't want to use a car to navigate the city. Streeterville is a more expensive district with a lot to do. The city features numerous luxury apartment complexes and condominiums with their own movie theaters, golf clubs, convenience stores, hotels and gyms. For the upwardly mobile Chicago resident looking to invest in a growing area, Streeterville is ideal. Roscoe Village is a hip area that runs more like a village than a city. This small but pleasant community is home to many of Chicago's young families and features a picturesque landscape of trees, brick walkups and flowers. Whichever of Chicago's many neighborhoods you choose, there is a fun and unique place where everyone belongs.

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How much are Studio apartments in Chicago?

The pricing for 2159 Studio Apartments in Chicago currently ranges from $351 to $10,000 with an average price of $1,704.

What is the current price range for One Bedroom Chicago Apartments for rent?

Today's rental pricing for One Bedroom Apartments in Chicago ranges from $120 to $10,000 with an average monthly rent of $2,166.

What does renting a Two Bedroom Apartment in Chicago cost?

The monthly rent prices of Two Bedroom Apartments currently available in Chicago range from $536 to $10,000. Today's average rental price for Two Bedrooms here is $2,646.

How expensive are Chicago Three Bedroom Apartments?

There are currently 3738 Three Bedroom Apartments listings available in Chicago on The pricing ranges from $845 to $10,000 - averaging $3,322 for the location.