Tucson Local Guide


Introducing Tucson, Arizona

There are 246 submarkets in Tucson. Residents in this area enjoy the good restaurants available. People like Tucson with consideration of many factors, amongst which are what they can afford, and proximity to work and play. Also considered are education and schools, and the life they enjoy in this area. This local rentals overview will explore of this and more! ApartmentHomeLiving features 2,335 multifamily communities ready for you to tour in and around this city.

Lifestyle Ratings

ApartmentHomeLiving.com compares millions of points of data to bring you Lifestyle Ratings of rentals in cities across the United States, including Tucson. Lifestyle Ratings show you the best fit for your needs and interests. This takes in many factors including filtering automatically for the best proximity to parks and outdoor amenities, luxury housing options, pet-friendly features, places that make kids happy, proximity to transit, and much more. Find Lifestyle Search in the filter options (above). Happy Searching!

Getting Around Tucson

People here will find that the area is fairly walkable, but will likely need to have a car or truck to get along comfortably. You will find this town is such that with roads and sidewalks layed out as they are and a dirth of walkable sidewalks and footpaths, families here depend on having their own car.

Schools in Tucson, AZ

For parents with school-age kids, choosing a location with great education opportunities is important. Making smart home and apartment choices can help place school-age children in really good school districts. Ask the leasing staff or owner at your rental about attendence zoning.

For grades 9-12 be sure to consider Desert View High School, the highest-rated high school in this city. For children between elementary and high school ages the highest-rated middle school in this town is Billy Lane Lauffer Middle School. Consider Craycroft Elementary School, the highest-rated elementary school in this city. Many students from nearby Pima Community College call this area home.

Tucson Points of Interest

Davis Monthan Air Force Base is found nearby. In this municipal area we find several USPS ZIP Codes, including 85705.

Pet Friendly Apartments

For families with pets, 'pet friendly' apartment complexes are available nearby.

Tucson Rental Pricing

An apartment unit for rent in this municipal area is as an average $1,295. The average home rent in Tucson is $2,346. A rental apartment in this town costs renters from $399 to $3,903. On the average rent for a studio apartment in this town is $994, and has a range from $423 to $2,020. One bedroom apartments average $1,230 and range from $399 to $2,750. A 2 bedroom apartments averages $1,653 and ranges from $495 to $3,903. Three bedroom apartments average $1,820 and range from $605 to $3,495. 4 bedroom (and larger) apartments average $1,362 and range from $580 to $2,699.

Low Income / Section 8 in Tucson

Our constantly-updated inventory of apartments has apartment complexes that have subsidized rental rates. 'Low income' multifamily communities are subsidized apartment units for rent that have qualifying criteria (primarily income limits) that must be met in order to apply. Our research shows this area may be a great place to look for your next apartment home for rent.

At the lower end of the pricing spectrum, 'naturally-occuring affordable housing' (NOAH) apartments are available. These are multifamily units that do not have income restrictions, but are driven by natural market conditions and can be found at low cost.

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Top 3 Local Schools in Tucson, AZ - ApartmentHomeLiving.comMesquite Elementary SchoolUniversity High SchoolDesert Sky Middle School

Frequently Asked Questions about Tucson

How much are Studio apartments in Tucson?

The pricing for 189 Studio Apartments in Tucson currently ranges from $423 to $2,020 with an average price of $994.

What is the current price range for One Bedroom Tucson Apartments for rent?

Today's rental pricing for One Bedroom Apartments in Tucson ranges from $399 to $3,802 with an average monthly rent of $1,228.

What does renting a Two Bedroom Apartment in Tucson cost?

The monthly rent prices of Two Bedroom Apartments currently available in Tucson range from $495 to $5,411. Today's average rental price for Two Bedrooms here is $1,652.

How expensive are Tucson Three Bedroom Apartments?

There are currently 254 Three Bedroom Apartments listings available in Tucson on ApartmentHomeLiving.com. The pricing ranges from $605 to $5,793 - averaging $1,818 for the location.